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Weekly News 51/14 (20/12/2014)                                          And More.... Malaysia Import Tariff

  KPDNKK: Status on MySize
  TPP Talks to Restart Early 2015
  ITMA 2015 Gets Bigger and Greener
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  144 Malaysian Employers Fined for Failing to pay EPF
  Synthetic Fibres Surpass Cotton to Dominate US Apparel Imports
  Reliance Industries Forms Textiles JV with Chinas Shandong Ruyi
  Global Dyestuff (Black Color) Market for Textile Fibers to Value
     US$1.88 Billion by 2020


  Import duty from China under ASEAN-China FTA
    Malaysia's Sensitive List under ACFTA (Textile & apparel items only)
Import duty from Pakistan under MPCEPA
Import duty from Japan under MJEPA 
Import duty from Korea under AKFTA  
Import duty from Australia under Malaysia-Australia FTA
Import duty from India under MICECA ( Pg 160-189 for textile and apparel products)    
         Booklet on Malaysia's Import Tariff of Textile & Apparel Products from India
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  Import duty from New Zealand under MNZFTA
 Import duty from CHILE under MCFTA   All textile products duty free subject to Rules of Origin (Pg 43-49)
  Rate of Import / Export / CEPT duties       (Textile items in Chapter 42-63 only)
  Abolishment of Import Duty on Textile & Apparel Products under Budget 2011  
(163KB  pages 16-31)
  Effective 15 Oct 2010
  Yarn Import Duty  from India & Pakistan (Selected Items only) year 2013

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Malaysian News Job Matching

Goods and Services Tax  Act 2014 (GST)
      Date of publication in the Gazette  19/6/2014
    * General Guide
    * Guide on Manufacturing
* Guide on ATS
    * Guide on FIZ & LMW

    * Guide on ATMS
    * Guide on Hire Purchase & Credit Sale
   * Guide on Leasing
    * GST Tax Returns : Form 03(Draft)
 * GST Tax Returns : Form 03(Guideline)

    *  List of eVoucher Vendors
as at 24/6/2014

   Implementation of Electronic Preferential
      Certificate of Origin (e-PCO)

Effective on 1/1/2013   
      * Details of e-PCO

      * ePCO for export under MICECA & MCFTA
   Effective 1/5/2013

  HRDF : New Structure of Financial Assistance  
     for Training Grants
 Effective on 1/6/2014 

  Implementation of IMP 3: Textile and Apparel

Malaysian Textile & Clothing Performance
   2013    2012    2011    2010
   2009    2008    2007    2006

   Minimum Wages Order  (16/7/2012)     
Guideline on the Implementation of MWO (6/9/2012)      
Directives on deductions of FW's wages (9/4/2013)  
   -  Deduction for Levy
       -  Deductions for Accomodation Cost

     * No Probation for Foreign Workers (11/7/2013)

   Minimum Retirement Age Bill 2012      
12% EPF Contributions For Members Up To Age 60

   Employment Act
    * Employment (Amended) Act 2012  
Effective on 1/4/2012

         (Page 14) Amendment of Section 69B   
       substituting "one thousand five hundred" with  "two 


         (Page 12) Amendment of Section 60D   

       substituting "ten" with "eleven".

       substituting "four" with "five"

  Employment (Part-Time Employees) Regulations 2010

   Environmental Quality (Industrial Effluent)
      Regulation 2009


   Free Job Matching

     Job Seekers download
     Job Application Form   here. 

   MKMA Card Partners

Grants & Incentives

    New Definition for SMEs  
       (with effect from 1/1/2014)

    Small Debt Resolution Scheme

    RM5b Trade Financing with myTrade2Cash

Manage by MATRADE
New Guidelines for Market Development Grants (2014)  

Soft Loans (Manage by MIDF)
MIDF Government Financial Assistance Programmes
bulletSoft Loan for SMEs

bulletSoft Loan for Factory Relocation

bulletSoft Loan for ICT

bulletSoft Loan For Automation and

Malaysian / ASEAN FTA Developments

International News


The Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA)
  FAQs on TPP (Sep 2013)
    Brief on TPP (Sep 2013 MITI)
    Malaysia Rules Out Any US Pressure in TPP (020114)
    TPPA: Implications for Malaysia's Domestic Value-         Added Trade  (Oct 2014 UNCTAD)
    U.S. Textile Manufacturing and the Trans-Pacific
       Partnership Negotiations

    China's Tariff Schedule

    China's Sensitive List
     Rules of Origin for ACFTA
    Procedure to Apply for Tariff Preference

    Enter into force on 1/1/2010
    India Tariff Schedule

    Beginning 1st June 2007

Form AK : Certificate of Origin
    (Print, fill & Submit to MITI for Approval)

    Textile tariffs to be eliminated by 2009/ 2010/2012
Rules of Origin (Textile and Apparel Items starts on Pg
 Korea's Tariff Schedule

ASEAN Free Trade Area (AFTA)
To establish ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) by
    2020 as a  single market  with free flow of goods,
    capital, skill labours etc. 

CEPT Rules of Origin for Textile Products


Malaysia-Pakistan Closer Economic
    Partnership Agreement
    Effective on 1/1/2008


Malaysia-Japan Economic Partnership
 (MJEPA) Enter into force on 13/7/2006
News For Malaysian Exporters to Japan
Rules of Origin (Pg 22 onwards for textile products)
    Japan Tariff Schedule

  Malaysia-India Comprehensive Economic
Agreement (MICECA) 
      Effective on 1/7/2011
      How Do Exporters Apply Certificates of Origin (COs)? 
 India's Tariff Schedule

Malaysia-Chile Free Trade Agreement (MCFTA)
Enter into force on 25/2/2012
* Chile Tariff Schedule

Malaysia-Australia FTA
Effective on 1/1/2013

Malaysia-New Zealand FTA
    Effective on 1/8/2010
    NZ Tariff Schedule 
    Product Specific Rules (Pg 57-84)

Rules of Origin at a Glance

  European Union Adopts New GSP (1/1/2014)
Highlights of New GSP

  Canada Eliminates Tariffs on Baby Clothes (1/4/2013)

  Columbia Imposes a US$5 per kg tariff on Importing

  Myanmar Foreign Investment Law 2012  

  Egypt Implement New Import Regulation Feb 2012

  EU Repeals Certificate of Origin Requirement for                  Textiles and Apparel 24 Oct 2011

  Pakistan Launched a Five Year Textile Policy (2009-2014)

  EU Directive 2008/121/EC on textile names (recast)
Published on 14 Jan 2009

  REACH Compliance
     FAQ on REACH

  Columbia Revised Apparel Import Tariffs 30/3/2014


Textile and Apparel Exhibition Calendar


2014 Worldwide Textile and Apparel
Exhibition List

2015 Worldwide Textile and Apparel
Exhibition List



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bulletThe Economic Effects of Significant US Import Restraints
             (Published by US International Trade Commission, August 2009) 

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