Iranís textile exports witness a growth of 40 per cent

Iranís textile exports have seen an impressive growth of 40 per cent since the start of the current year, while its textile production has risen by 2 per cent.

Elucidating on the above, Afsaneh Mehrabi, Director General, Textile and Clothing Department, Ministry of Industries, Mines and Trade, averred that the Government of Iran has been taking initiatives to promote the textile sector in the country.

While attending the opening ceremony of a Textile and Carpet Exhibition held in the city of Yazd, Iran on 25 December 2018, Mehrabi added that there are efforts to make things easy for garment manufacturers to enhance exports.

It is important to note that the Governmentís decision to prohibit the imports of some items created huge opportunities for local manufacturers to increase their exports despite all challenges pertaining to currency.





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