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Malaysian Exporters To Japan

The Japan-Malaysia Economic Partnership Agreement (JMEPA) came into force on 13 July 2006 . With the implementation of JMEPA, products entering Japan on 13 July 2006 and thereafter, that are eligible for preferential tariffs will have to be accompanies with a Certificate of Origin ( Form MJEPA ) endorsed by the Ministry of International Trade and Industry. For textile and apparel products, tariffs are eliminated with immediate effect.

Rules of Origin for Textile and Apparel Products

  • product specific rule for Textiles and clothing.

  • 2 substantial transformation with Change in Tariff Classification (CTH).

  • The two processes covers : spinning, weaving, bleaching, dyeing, printing or finishing.

  • Flexibility One of the process could be done within the ASEAN countries.

  • De Minimis - Specific 7 percent by weight of the good that do not undergo applicable tariff change classification.

  • For details on individual items, please visit website

Procedure to Obtain Preferential Tariff  

1)   STEP 1:   Application for product cost analysis.

 1.1)   Documents to be submitted:  

       i.    Application Letter;

      ii.    Completed forms MJEPA 1, MJEPA 1A, MJEPA 2, MJEPA 2A; ( These Forms can be downloaded from MITI website or obtained at MITI office/branch counters.)  

     iii.    A certified true copy of Company Registration Certificate (Form 9)/(Form D);

    iv.    A certified true copy of raw material invoices;

      v.    Product sample/Catalog/Picture;

    vi.    Processing Flow Chart

1.2)   Processing of the application is within 7 working days from the date of completed application received.  

2)   STEP 2:   Endorsement of Certificate of Origin (Form MJEPA)

2.1)   Documents to be submitted:
  Application before shipment  

       i.    A copy of MITI's Approval Letter;

      ii.    Completed MJEPA form;     

     iii.    Invoice;

    iv.    Packing List;

      v.    Completed form MJEPA 3 (2 copies);

Application after shipment  

       i.     A copy of MITI's Approval Letter;

      ii.     Completed MJEPA form;       

     iii.     Invoice;

    iv.     Packing List;

      v.     Bill of Lading;

    vi.     Customs Declaration Form ( K2 );

   vii.     Completed form MJEPA 3 (2 copies);

2.2)   Endorsement of Form MJEPA is within 3 working days from the date of completed application received.  The Certificate of Origin (MJEPA form) can be purchased from Federation of Malaysian Manufacturers (FMM)

3)   Application for product cost analysis and Endorsement of Form MJEPA should be submitted to MITI (HQ) or Branch Offices in respective states.

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